First, my skin in needs extra care when it gets to the warmer months. Having combination skin my skin get extra dry in my U-zone and extra oily in my T-zone.Having Eucerin in my back pocket has helped me in the summer.One of my favorite things about Eucerin I can use it all year round my skin is just in love with it.Having struggled with breakouts for years Eucerin his helped me with my dark marks after my pimples.


After I have washed my face and it’s clean and fresh. I go in with Eucerin Even Brighter Concentrate which is so good even before I apply my makeup but I start with it then go in with the Eucerin Even Brighter day cream.I concentrate it more on my T-zone.My T-zone gets drier when it’s in the more cooler months.It dissolves so quickly and it’s not sticky.


I use some routine when it comes my night time skin routine with the Eucerin Even Brighter night cream.


An extra step that I do but not all the time its to use The spot corrector on the spots that are still visible. 


I did do a full review on my blog will link it below. Please tell me in the comments what is your skin care routine.

Eucerin Even Brighter | Review

Eucerin Even Brighter Concentrate | Review

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