I have never had an itch anything new when it comes to my hair and most if not all natural girls would stand by me when I say trying a new product on your hair is very difficult.I have deep-rooted trust issues when it comes to trying a new hair product.I don’t just jump in with both feet.It takes a while for me to warm up to it.From my last post, you know by now that I love conditioning then washing my natural hair.So Lets Mask it.Read more about how this mask treated my hair.

They say when your hair is out of shape to use the Nu Skin Hair Mask to make it all new again.For me, it was not the case is a deep conditioning treatment intended for weekly use. Ingredients include Creatine to improve the hair’s strength and CS7, a cuticle smoothing agent that seals and strengthens the cuticles to prevent split ends and breakage.When you have natural hair you don’t need a hair product that seals in anything.  I have used this once and It made my hair hard I think it’s not for a natural  girl.My hair is very difficult to please.

This hair mask is a powerful product if your hair has chemicals.If you use relaxers yes this make is for you …Not so much for the natural girls. To say I was disappointed yes I mean it smells so nice it feels good in your hair but it made my hair hard.If you want to give its mask a try you can buy it NuSkin. I hope you guys are enjoying my reviews on the NuSkin Series you can go read more here.

ggtheblog | 17 November 

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