Nyx Cant Stop Wont Stop Foundation Review

From the onset, I knew I would love this foundation and it’s truly one of the best foundations I have tried this year. It might just dethrone the Wet ‘n wild foundation. It’s been a year since it has been on the market but it still loved by different beauty lovers. I first couldn’t get my hands on the foundation so I had to settle for the concealer.

I did I full review on the blog and a video on my channel.

The concealer was a bit on the drying side so you have to work in sections. I had mentioned that I had a hard time getting shade in the foundation. I just think that the shade in question is very popular because each time I went to Clicks It would be sold out.

But this time I was lucky I saw them restock and I got one.

I went with cappuccino this time the same as my concealer that I brought the first time. I did pick up the concealer but in Mahogany. This is a rich yellow undertone concealer. Mahogany looked like a fawn in LA girl concealer. I am really enjoying this shade of concealer. I know I was a bit not sure as to which shade to go with. The cappuccino was too safe for a concealer.

But that’s not why you are here right?

Let’s get into the review.

It’s the first of my Nyx foundation. My first experience with the Nyx foundation has been a very pleasant one. I got the foundation and I was in love. Most brands are very predictable in the way the package the foundations. We all know the old trick once the bottle of foundation is glossy it means the foundation has a dewy finish. Not, in this case, the Nyx foundation has a glossy bottle and it is a very matte foundation.

I was never really a matte girl…Even though I do enjoy a matt lipstick from time to time but in the foundation I really loved a stain finish.It has been very hot here in Johannesburg for the past week or so with no rain in site so this foundation has been very useful in keeping the oiliness at bay.


Is it an uncomfortable matte? …No, its skin-like matte. I have about two layers of this foundation so it is build-able as well. One thing I must say when it comes to thins foundation it that when to apply it you have to let the first layer setting first before you go in with the second layer.

I find that it does become very patchy …there are darker spots on places where I added more foundation.

I truly love the formula of this foundation I have mixed it with other foundation to see if it doesn’t separate and it doesn’t. I mean Wet n Wild has a completely different formula compared to the Nyx foundation.

I find that it is best to use the Nyx concealer with its foundation it just works better to get that matte look. Not to say other concealer doesn’t work well with the foundation I just find myself not sweating as much if I use the Nyx concealer with the foundation.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first post in #ff {Friday Foundation}. You can get this foundation at clicks. 



What Are The Brand Claims?

‘’The NYX Cosmetics official website claims that this “lightweight, waterproof and pigmented AF” foundation has a “comfy liquid formula […] that don’t transfer”. It’s supposed to have a matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours, controlling shine and mattifying the skin along the way. It’s noncomedogenic and “suitable for normal, oily, combination and sensitive skin types”.

Most if on all foundation are skincare specific now this foundation claim it’s for all skin types. They might not say dry skin but the YouTube beauty vlogger Alissa Ashley has said on her channel that she has dry skin…..Question how can you formulate a foundation you can’t use?. If you have dry skin my loves you must use a hydrating primer or moisturizer to help aid your skin from getting too dried out.

The range of shades is huge, 45-shades huge….Yes, that’s very impressive but please tells me about undertones?

YouTube beauty vlogger Alissa Ashley and advocate for diversity she helped mix current shades and add different undertones to get those in-between shades. Yes, we might be the same shade but my undertone is different. That way you will always either mix your foundations or use two different shade seasonally.

Needless to say, watch my demo on my channel to see how this foundation sits on my face. Thank you for reading my post!