Golden Cloud Muffin Mix Cappuccino

It’s Sunday and baking is in on top of the agenda. Baking is not really my strongest point when it comes to the kitchen I would put mt baking skills at a comfortable 6/10.With that I really love a warm chocolate muffin in a cold rainy morning in the ester time.

Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging Tips For Beginners I have been blogging for some time now and with that, I have made a lot of mistakes. Am sure you have heard this before but blogging in its self is hard. If I could give advice to my first time blogger self is that you have to consistent in everything…

Fall Lip Colours For Dark Skin

Most if not all woman of colour love a dark lip or a good red lip. Know that there will be a good amount of colour playoff. I have a warm undertone so these deeper lip shades they bring out the golden tones of my complexion so perfectly.

How To Get Of Rid Hyper-pigmentation | Skin Care

The last thing you want to do when you are having break outs it’s to use any marks on your problematic skin. This was me a few months ago I just didn’t want to put on anything.It’s been a few months now and I must say my skin has gotten better, with that I thought I should share my current skin care products that are helping with my pigmentation.

Marc Jacobs Decadence Review

It is meant to create a statement for sure from the packaging I could not help adding a handbag to my collection don’t you think?The Marc Jacobs Decadence is for a confident woman to sure to be a head turner. The design of the bottle was to draw from opulence and glamour. The green python pattern just gives off seduction in every way. Love the woody note it reminds me of Calvin Klein Euphoria.