Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Review

I have always been a Maybelline girl from the dream matte moose days which was my favorite foundation for years still is. When Maybelline released the Fit Me Foundations and Powders I was front and center because of my previous experience with the brand.

How to make oatmeal

t’s the most important time of the day to fuel your body with all its nutrients.
Breakfast is at 10am …to some it might be at 8am, Being not so much of a morning person it very difficult to eat anything heavy.
I like it half done with lots of warm milk and a bit of brown sugar and cold milk.

Sorbet Cover & GO Concealer Foundation Review

Brushes & Blenders I have developed an addition to foundations am sure I purchase a new foundation every month its a bit of extreme but I can’t help it. Before you judge me can I justify my addition, please? ……You see I realized the most importance for you to invest in a good foundation and how would…