Pond's Age Miracle Firming Mask


My 30’s are a couple of weeks away …and to be truthful I thought I would be panicking a bit .All the plans I have has for my 20’s never really amounted to much.

One thing that my 20’s have thought me is to take better care of my skin. It’s not hard it’s just a great after thought.

I really hated my skin in my 20’s it was just acne upon acne I couldn’t go 3 months straight without a break out. As am writing this blog post my acne is under control .I can look at my face without have to cringe at the sight of my face?

But we are not starting to iron out the wrinkles. They do say you should start your anit-aging products in your 20;s but really I was too busy having acne in my 20’s to care about the amount of line I would have in 20+ years’ time.

This blog post is going somewhere bear with me…

Being more of a now type of skin care. You know fix it fast please …get these pimples of my face by any means nessery. That was my approach to skin care.

But lately I have being taking baby step in finding skin care that will not make my acne scream. Ponds are a skincare brand that is a trusted brand that is why I started using them face masks. Not all three worked well for my skin because well skin is personal what works for you won’t work for me. My masking game is not that good as well I mean If you catch me masking it’s when my mood is probably a lined with a free Sunday afternoon. There isn’t much of a routine is there?

In this post I will be touching on the purple one…sorry I will remember the name in my next paragraph.

This anti-ageing masks works well with the anti-ageing range POND’s Age Miracle.Am just not ready to dip into a whole range ..Soon though. If wrinkle corrections are your main concern try the Wrinkle Correction or Brightening sheet masks. I did try the Brightening one and wow my skin felt good but I had a mini breakout the day after.


Korean skin care something am warming up too truly they skincare is going amazing things for my skin. These ponds face make is super easy to peel off leaving you skin feeling extra sooth a looking less dull.

I love using this once a week.. On Sundays after a long week of stress…

The anti-ageing Firming mask is drenched in serum with super-soft fibres that contour to the face like a second skin. Any extra serum I massage it directly onto the skin. I do tend to rinse my face after finding the residue on my face a little but too much.

Brand :Ponds

Product: Age Miracle Firming Mask

Pack size:Net wt 21g

Quantity in pack: 1

This mask contains skin care Ingredients that are known to help with turning the hands of time and ironing out those lines.

Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid + Brown Algae 

I have made a rule for myself to start buying into skin care brands that are good for my skin ,Buying fast skin care Product that only helping my skin for a short amount is not going to help me in the future.

My shopping basket for my 30’s is as follows


Anit-Ageing serum

& many more that I will be testing and researching …I hope this post was fun to read see you on my next one