Ponds Pimple Clear Micellar Water

Your makeup remover is part of your skin care routine and to that, it should accommodate your skin care concerns. Having an acne prone skin I have stuck with one makeup remover which is the Garnier Makeup remover, Its a good product but when I got my hands on the Ponds Pimple Clear Makeup Remover I had to try it.


It was the first time using Micellar Water, I’m so impressed. I love how gentle it is on my sensitive skin. I literally have clear skin. As someone who was already using products with salicylic acids, my expectations of the new Pimple Clear range were quite high.


This Micellar Water is gentle on the eyes and lips and I don’t need to work as hard at makeup removal. With my high coverage foundation, it removes it with eases. My skin tone has improved and I haven’t had any new skin care pimples.


A micellar water that’s removers makeup and good for your skin. I might put on makeup every day just to use this product every chance I get.

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