01 Jan '19

It’s my birthday month, January a month most detest it’s my favourite. I  …have been thinking a lot …That’s what most people do when it’s the beginning of the year. We think and plan about what we would love to do… set goals and so forth. 

While most bloggers would be on break …am starting early. Its the first day of the year and am feeling highly productive. Am currently off work So I thought I would take advantage and write when I can record videos and create as much content as I can.

For me, 2018 has been very unproductive, to say the least. My work life balance has been off it was more work than blogging and I hate that. I want this to be my living hood.. by the end of 2019. Its possible am very confident in my work.

Now that is out of the way, I have been thinking like I have mentioned above to start of this year with a basic series. Now I haven’t done on my blog and on the tube. This series will be videos and blog posts about the basic rules of makeup.

It would be done differently …everyone has a routine in which they follow when they apply makeup .some start with foundation and end with brows. For me, I start with brows …So that’s what to first video will be with My eyebrow routine.

This series will run on the week of my birthday but on the 9th, of course, I will do a makeup look. It’s going to be a lot off work but am ready. I hope guy guys enjoyed my small introduction to 2019.

Cheers to a good year!

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