The best advice anyone ever gave me was to start taking care of my skin in my early twenties. Needles to say that way I was very keen on being part of this campaign of trying the new anti-aging products by Avon. So a question you might be asking why this product? What is different about this anti-aging product well read on and I will fill you in.

The key to its long-term efficacy is a Proprietary Rotational Technology. This product is made up of two formulas, you first apply Treatment Cream One for seven nights to replenish and prepare the skin before swapping to Treatment Cream Two for the next seven nights to help repair the look of wrinkles. Having to be switching back and forth between these two creams every seven days your skin will be the factor of continuation of the rotational technology that helps provide continuous results.

I have been taking baby steps with this product as much as it was exciting to start with anti-aging  I had questions ….and Google was to the rescue.

The first side of the product has the hero ingredients the first formula consists of Phytol, a plant-derived antiaging active and high levels of humectant. Combined, they work together to prep, replenish and moisturize skin. My skin has been so soft and smooth which I can not complain about. The smell is so good I feel like licking my face, so this has quickly replaced my night cream trust me my 20+years skin will thank me in the future.

Time and Consistency are the key elements in any skincare routine if you ask me. If you have a more sensitive skin trying to get into that whole retinol routine first and see if it’s for your skin. I had no irritation my skin type is combination oily skin.

Soon as the week was up I went into the second part …This is where now the work beings, my skin is good and ready for the treatment which is rich in Super Retinol Complex helps reduce the signs of aging and boost collagen. By binding to your skin’s surface, the Super Retinol Complex has the ability to dramatically improve the tone, clarity and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. Now, of course, I don’t have wrinkles or fine lines that come with age but with is new  Proprietary Rotational Technology I have a strong belief its a game changer in skin care. Overall my skin feels good and youthful better than it has been in weeks so am going use this in my skincare routine for sure.
Have you started with anti-aging products?

Price / R279 (30ml)
Where can I get it?/ Get it from your nearest Avon representative.

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