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10 October 2018

The skin care type that we all crave for…Normal skin at a particular time I thought my skin was normal. Which is quite laughable come to the think about. Over the years I realized that there are different skin types and not everyone can use one face wash.
I wanted to crate a skin care menu for each skin care type. In this post, we are tackling


Normal skin.
Your skin can be classified as normal if it isn’t particularly oily or dry. There aren’t any concerns like anti-aging, acne, and sensitivity. Having normal skin doesn’t mean you don’t or won’t have skin care concerns that you need to take care of now with a great daily skin care routine. This is the best skincare routine for normal skin.


Normal Skin Menu


 A sulfate-free cleanser with a gentle lather

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Avoid toners with aclohol as ingredient , it is a common ingredient so its best to stick to a toner that will boost hydration.


with SPF  will protect your skin from the sun and hydrate without clogging your pores.

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Now that you have a good idea of what normal skin really is, how to identify it, and—most important—how to care for it, you’ll be able to make the best decisions about which products to buy to keep your skin in top shape. With the products recommended above, you’ll be giving your skin what it needs to look younger and stay normal for as long as possible.