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I have developed an addition to foundations am sure I purchase a new foundation every month its a bit of extreme but I can’t help it. Before you judge me can I justify my addition, please? ……You see I realized the most importance for you to invest in a good foundation and how would you find one that you love if you don’t try different foundation once in a while .So for me, I have mentioned it in one of my video’s that am on a hunt a very good foundation that won’t be for every day but more for special occasions and I think I might have found one in the new range by Sorbet.

Now we all know and love Sorbet skin care products that’s what they care primary known for This makeup range has been created especially for the women of South Africa. One thing that I loved about the one their wide range of foundation shades. No matter what your skin tone, they’re bound to have the perfect foundation for you. Most brands can’t seem to get the undertones correct but in this range, I was spoilt for choice which never happens. This range is definitely catering to the diversity that South Africa is renowned for.

Face First Foundation

What you can find in the range?

  • Sorbet Prep & Pore less All-In-One Super Face Primer – Used under your foundation and makeup, this antioxidant-rich primer works with all skin tones to create a smooth, pore less canvas.
  • Sorbet Under Cover Under-eye Concealer – Available in 3 shades.
  • Sorbet Cover & Go Concealer and Foundation – Available in 24 shades.
  • Sorbet What a Cheek Blush Cheek Stamp – Available in shades.
  • Sorbet Shimmer & Glow Shimmer Bronze – 2 palettes available.
  • Sorbet Glow & Tell Liquid Highlighter
  • Sorbet Stroke of Genius Precision Pen Eyeliner
  • Sorbet Lash Cheat Volume and Lengthening Mascara

Sorbet Get Lippy Moisturizing Lip Colour – Available in 12 beautiful shades.

Cover & Go Concealer & Foundation

Full coverage
• Long lasting
• Moisturising and flexible foundation with anti-oxidant vitamins
• Gives a flawless catwalk look
• SPF6 with sun protection
• Use the concealer to cover imperfections.
• Apply over foundation for a polished and perfected look
• Antioxidant vitamin A, E, and C
• Fragranced with natural Essential Oils

By the looks of the packaging of the foundation one would expect a pump but no,its more of a scheduler.I wouldnt say am much of a fan of the difference in the applicator ,but I do application the fact that it the applicator helps with less watsegae of the foundation

The concealer is beautiful, the thing they got correct was the undertone.I love my LA Girl concealers but this comes at a close second. Why? Its warm and has a red /orange undertone which is good for color correction if that what you require in a concealer for me, I don’t need much of color correction but It does help with providing me with that high cover.I hope they provide us with individual concealer. As you could see in the image provided the concealers are not that much.

This foundation was a treat for me, I saw it and wanted it.It’s R300 when I purchased it but now its R325. The packaging is different it has a concealer and mirror on top in terms of practicality its works but the amount of the product is much less.The shade range is so vast am very happy about that, it’s very difficult to not have a choice in terms of shade.Am in the colors Sienna, Morca and Truffle. I chose Sienna purely because it’s more yellow out of the two.I love yellow undertoned foundations in the cooler months. In terms of coverage, Its provides it when you use the concealer with the foundation.Iv used the foundation more the twice before writing this foundation review so that I could see if it oxidizes which it doesn’t another plus for me.So its safe to say that its foundation has become a favorite of mine, you can the Sorbe range at clicks online and in the store.