Oatmeal In The Morning

So how do to take your oatmeal soft and overcooked or like me half-done and with seeds? Nothing is more fulfilling to eat for breakfast in winter I think.. Read More


Toast bread. Top with tomato, cheese and pepper. Heat in the toaster oven (or broil) to melt the cheese if desired.That’s all I need when am being extremely hungry.I love food. Am here to share want makes me feel good.Do yourself a favour and make this easy open sandwich.       Toast in oven until golden brown, about…

Mashed Avocado on Toast| Food

May your toast be hot melted butter and your mashed avocado ripped tomato topped with sea salt amen.Yes, that’s a little prayer I do before I eat this favorite sandwich of mine.I know it a bit too much but I love my food.

Guide to French Macarons|Sunday Bake

Mmmm So a lot of people have asked me to do more respites .I have wanted for the longest time to know know these pretty cookies that I have seen on pinterst for years. French macarons are delicate cookies with a crunchy exterior and weightless interior. They have a nougat-like, chewy texture in your mouth and can be…