The Emergency No-Breakout Routine

The pain as an acne-prone girl is thought of having to deal with acne again. You would think I have learnt my lesson but in this blog post, I will be telling you how I fell off the ben wagon. I should come clean about my poor skin care routine that put me in this position. I have been dealing with a lot of breakouts lately. First, it was triggered by milk now this.

It’s not entirely my fault I think …I have a new foundation on my beauty shelf. As a blogger trying new products its a part of my job. My skin was good for the past week until I used the Yardley foundation. The foundation was very thick I should have known that it’s an enemy.

Building a habit takes time 60 days and it takes a couple of days off to bring you back to square one. You get into a flow of things and sometimes one product sets you back. Surely it can’t be just me.

The lazy bone in me used makeup wipes, yes to remove an oil based foundation ..You would think I knew better. It’s a short cut and I really didn’t think my skin would mind.No double cleans nothing. 

Haha …(that’s my skin laughing ) as it should. Now am going into my emergency skincare routine. I have  4 whiteheads and they need to leave my face.

This skin care routine work I dring out the guns really. I do it at night and boom my skin is much better. I really remove my makeup the cleaners with the African extract the cleanse again with the eskimael soap with salicylic acid. Which helps with  It works by reducing the number of skin cells within pores, which helps prevent pimples from forming.

Tea tree oil. It’s an oldie but a goodie. I’ve used so much but I swear good old tea tree always does it for me. As such, it can help reduce the inflammation associated with acne. As a natural moisturizer, tea tree oil moisturizes the skin, helping to restores its natural oil balance.

After my routine in a couple of days, my skin will be back in its former glory.