l have become overly obsessed with brows personally they can break any makeup look if they just look off.Brows are the window to the soul they really transform your face depending on their shape. With the right brow, you can look like you have a slimmer face, those with small lips or eyes can make up for it with a fierce brow, and some brows can even make you look younger.So let me take you through the different brows.

Thick & Straight 

So it’s 2018 and honestly, brow trends have gone from thick hd to thin and feathered.We are at a point where doing both looks won’t make you look last season.Fuller brows have a way of making you look more youthful. This is great for people who have more of a square face as it adds softness to your look.


Arched brows are great for rounded faces. Yes, that is us, this is my everyday brow it’s my go to.You can make a round face appear less round with an arched brow having that arch will slightly harden your round face.

Light & Feathery

Now, this is my natural look I just love the way my brows look, they look filled but not it’s the easiest one to do.I also suit any face shape because it looks so natural.. Brows really frame your face.They can change the way you look and most of the time they are so misunderstood. So what do your brows say about you?


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