The Products I’d Want on a Desert Island

This was a question  by one of my co -works ..what are the products I’d want on a desert island?.Since am so much into makeup she thought I would have a hard time deciding on which products Id take with me.

Its not that hard really ..I might have been a hard I think when I was a beginner in makeup.As a beginner you tend to feel the need for every make products you own in so you can  complete a face.But with years of putting on makeup under my belt I can sever with a lot less makeup then one could think.

So going back to my co-works question I thought it would be a nice blog post to tell you guys which products would make the list.So what are the products I would take ?


First on the list would be sunscreen..I mean having to know how important skin care is I would risk anything when it comes to my skin.So sunscreen would be number one on my list.My current sunscreen is by Eucerin Sun Gel Creme Oil Control Dry Touch.

I really love this sunscreen being an oily babe It truly helps with oil control during the day it sit will with my foundations It is really a joy to use.


So sticking with my face I would very must like a foundation with my lol. I know its not need but I love being covered.I have a lot f foundation to chose from but in a desert island I would really love a foundation that is mattifying and long lasting..Maybelline  super stay foundation is the foundation of choice.Provide an ultra-transforming effect in this long-lasting foundation, lightweight, yet high-impact coverage.That’s what I need in a foundation on a desert island.


La girl to the rescue …the golden rule in makeup what is cream or liquid has to be set.Am taking my LA Girl powder to set the foundation in place.I truly love he lightweight formula it has.Its really my holy grail when it comes to powders.

I use it in the color toffee its grate for touch ups as the day wears on .It being so light wight it doesn’t build up very quickly.

I know you don’t see any water on this list but I can do with a setting stray and a rose water for days I would not put on any makeup. So next on the list ….

Setting Spray & Rose Water

The only ‘water” on my list wow..bit is makeup list so its fine.Setting is the last and most important step you can do in any makeup routine. My go to setting spray is The Infallible Fixing Mist L’OREAL PARIS…….This misting spray will aid in prolonging your makeup wear by preventing melting, fading and cracking.Rose water has to be the life saver when it comes to my skin.I mean when as much as am an oily babe my skin still gets dehydrated so Rose water is really a need.

I feel I would be OK with these products ..I know there is no lip products or eye shadows but I would  be fine with out them.It was a fun blog post …now what are the products you want on a desert island? Comment down below