– Cleanses –

Its dry flaky and it itchy from time to time that’s my skin on a bad day.There is more woman that do not know how to handle the dry skin problems.Yes, you might be thinking what does she know she has combination skin …but trust me the dry patches on my skin give me a bit of trouble from time to time. Let’s ease into these tips you help you with your dry skin. 

Cleanse Gently

If it forms up when you rub your hands together is not good for your dry face, it will just make things worse by drying out your skin.A cleanser with ceramides in it will help your skin hold in moisture. But What are Ceramides you ask?Ceramides are fatty molecules that make up the outer layer of your skin.Never use toners that have alcohol in than even the makeup removers you must be very careful when picking your makeup remover.If you exfoliate and that a big If because scrubs aren’t good for you …but go with a gentle exfoliant too rough of a scrub and you can damage your skin barrier.

– Sunscreen & Cover Up –


 Sunscreen & Cover Up 

There is nothing worse for your skin than sun damage.Being dark skinned for a while I thought sunscreen was not important but over time I realized that not having sunscreen is hurting my skin.  It is one of the main causes of wrinkles, dry skin and roughness.Prevention is much better than cure so cover up.sun damage by always wearing sunscreen.  Personeli I use Eucerin Sun Protection even under my makeup I apply some sunscreen. Its SPF 50 by the way which is no joke.

– Moisturize –

Moisturize & Feed Your Skin

In any skin care routine, there is a step of moisturising …It’s very important to keep your skin hydrated …feeding your skin, putting back PH balance bake into your skin.I personly move from Neutrogena Visibly Clear which I love in the mid-summer where my skin extra the dry areas in my skin become much dryer and the oils increases.

 I am not an expert and am just speaking from my personal experiences with my dry skin of which is my U-ZONE area.  I will detail my full routine in another post this week showing you guys what has changed in my rotation.It’s very important to listen to your skin seasonally.  What you do in Winter won’t be the same in Summer so listen up. 



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