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This is a three color eye shadow eye look it’s so pretty but its a bit technical in this video I will show you how to build an transnational color….so let’s go

IMG_1419[1]Make sure your lids are prepped and ready for shadow. Start in the lightest pink right by the cress and bring the color into the eye do this twice.Then you go in with the much darker pink in circular motions this helps make the shadow more pigmented ..As you build the eye you will take a clean blending brush and blend the shadow in to give it that faded seamless look .Building a transitional color that is not “normally” used as a transitional color you have to repeat the same steps and be patient with it.

Now pick up the a dark brown and pack it on to the lid and blend the pink and the brown.Blending can make or break your eye look.

Taking the a nude shadow go in on the arch of the eye this will help the pink shadow not to look to harsh …..hope you enjoyed that.

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