Vaseline Healthy Even Tone Cream and Lotion

16 January 2017


The myth among woman of color is black skin doesn’t need to be protected against the sun.We don’t see signs of damaged skin like redness , it does not mean we are  immune to it. I recently picked up the Vaseline Even Tone Cream and Lotion for good measure.I have been using it for 2 weeks and by just touching my skin I could feel the improvement in my skin.

Discoloration is a problem for woman of color so this gem is a dream to have in your beauty shelf.This new range by Vaseline is the first ever daily, all-over-body lotion and cream that helps match uneven and discolored areas. A lot of factors can be the issue it can be , medication or  your diet all have an impact of the severity of discoloration and dark patches in different areas of your body. However, the most potent contributor to hyper pigmentation is the sun. It glides on so smoothly and leaves you with amazingly soft and fragrance skin and the scent lingers which i love.

We all need that extra SPF and vitamin B3 for our bodily skin which we tend to forget to take care of as much as we do our face.This grease-free body moisturiser contains Vitamin B3 and SPF 10 and hydrates, softens the skin while targeting hyper pigmentation.
The lotion is white in colour; light weight and absorbs very well into the skin. Upon applying this Vaseline lotion my skin was instantly silky and more touchable.You can purchase the Vaseline Healthy Even Tone range from Clicks, Dis-chem and basically any other store that you would usually purchase your body care products from. They’re available in a lotion (200ml and 400ml) and a cream (350ml and 500ml) variant and prices range between R33.95 and R54.95, depending on where you purchase from!

Its definitively on rotation on my beauty shelf …comment down below and tell me if you have been using the Vaseline Healthy Even Tone.