- Decor Materials -

Can I just say how refreshing it is to have outside elements in your home?The obvious way is by bringing plants into our living space everyone does that.Going for specific decor material can make your home feel like you are one with nature.Here are some of the ways to bring plants into our living space.

Natural Flooring

Wood has to my favorite nonman-made floor material it is so homely and cozy and not to mention timeless as well.Other elements like, cork, bamboo is all flooring materials are a good option instead of the tiles that are used. That feel warm, natural and inviting underfoot. By bringing these flooring choices into your home.

Let in natural light

It won’t cost you a thing natural light.Having big windows all over your home will give your house a feeling of openness. Let natural light into your home daily, and see how the outdoors pours into your space.

- Decor Materials -​

Textures and Patterns:

I could do with a good wooly rug under the coffee table or brick wall by the fireplace.Bring in textures could be difficult you don’t want to overdo things.I feel you should stick to these decor materials – baskets, rugs, and even lampshades will bring the outdoors to your relaxing space.We don’t want your living space to look like a safari resort 

It is really not that hard to use these different ways to bring those natural elements into your home.Hopefully, my mini list helped you in with inspiring you’re creating that beautiful nature living space.


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