Wet n Wild Foundation


I have been looking at my past blog posts for the past hour. Looking for a post I have done about well the most used foundation I have ever brought…

…And nothing the only type of content I have done was my review a few months back on my channel. So I thought it would be fitting to write a review about the Wet n Wild Photo Finish foundation. I could very well direct you to my video but I wanted to write my thoughts down.

There is always a story behind every foundation purchase and this one goes like this…I was so broke (most of 2019) but this month was so bad and I didn’t have money to buy the Maybelline Super Stay which was my foundation at the time.

I was having a bad acne break out and every cent was spent on my skincare things. So I went into Clicks and saw the foundation at R99.00 I was shocked and trying another cheap foundation I did think I would love it this much.

So I got it I had no choice really it fitted right into my budget of R100 …I sat on YouTube and watched video after video… lol I do this every time I buy into a brand that is not so a woman of color oriented …Most of the reviews I watched the beauty creatives complained about the smell. It’s like a paint smell but the overall concluded was that it’s a very good foundation …

I did this just to make myself feel good about my purchase.

Let’s Review

Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation 30 ml

Detailed Description:
Goodbye photo flashback. It helps eliminate white particle reflection. Tested: Under 7 light conditions. With top smartphone models. With & without flash. Based on panel test results. See full details on our website: wetnwildbeauty.com. Not tested on animals.

Pack size:
1.0 fl oz/30 ml

Buying this foundation when my skin was not looking its best was a risk. I could have made my acne worse. The foundation smelling like paint didn’t help as well but I was so happy with it.

It’s my foundation of the year.

I have tried a bunch of foundations this year and Wet n Wild is number one. It’s so affordable and lightweight and high supper high coverage there is nothing you won’t like. Right now it would cost you R109 for the foundation but I tell you it will be that foundation that never disappoints.

The formula of any foundation is very important I mean if it dries down differently than to what it looks like in this bottle can be a bit of a problem. My shade is Mocha and it such a good shade in terms of tone.

I feel the tone of the foundation is much more important than the shade. You can lighten up the foundation with concealer and highlight but you can’t fix tones. If you want to watch the demo you can do so here!

Thank you