What do you do with your foundation turns on you and turns orange? Panic, Freak Out, get angry. There is nothing more frustrating when your makeup doesn’t cooperate with you.When it describe to turn two shades darker are the day goes on.

The most annoy part its that when you are a new be you have not clue why your foundation is acting up.Most cosmetic brands wont tell you “hey the foundation you are about to buy might oxides’.No they wont say that so in this post I will first till you what courses the oxidation then give you at tips on how to deal with being two shades darker as the day goes on.

What Is Oxidation?

Oxidation happens when the chemicals react to the natural oils of your face and our PH balance and counteract with the ingredients of our foundation. This chemical reaction can also happen if you happen to apply sunscreen before hand.  You’ll notice these reactions more commonly if products you’re using contain the following chemicals Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxides, and Iron Oxides.

Why Dose It Oxidase ?

Environmental weather is also a factor in the possible oxidation of your foundation. In more humid weather there are greater chances of it happen.Oily Skin, the oil in the pigments of makeup can clash with the oil on your skin, causing a darkening of the foundation.Acidic Skin, if your skin is more on the acidic side, it can accelerate the process of oxidization.It can also simply come down to body chemistry in general, sometimes, none of the above can explain why it might oxidize on you. This may be because of your natural body chemistry, everyone is different, and you might just need to try a different foundation or a different skincare routine mixed along with your foundation.

What Can I Do?

The only recommendation is making sure your foundation bottle is tightly closed.  The less air that seeps into your foundation bottle the better. It is also recommended to get a air tight pump bottle which will help keep air out.It is recommended to wear another product such a primer between your sunscreen layer and your foundation/bb/cc cream.

So its safe to say that there is nothing you could do to really prevent the process of oxidation.In my opinion, find a foundation that doesn’t cause a chemical reaction, for me the foundation that doesn’t cause that is LA Girl, Black Opal, Rimmel, and Sorbet foundation…So whats the foundation that never disappoints? 

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