What In My Makeup Bag

01 September 2018

My makeup bag is a bag no one gets too have a peek at. I get the whole thing about your handbag being private your to makeup bag is to close to home. It holds your face, maintaining your beautiful makeup throughout the day.

As I write this post am laughing at how a woman I bumped into the ladies at an event I was a couldn’t stop telling me how she doesn’t have a makeup bag. Listen I don’t know how she copes but not every woman has one.

My makeup bag doesn’t carry a lot of items, as you can already count by looking at the picture. Most people would think I carry my whole vanity but I don’t…It was like that when I was younger. Over the year I realized that less is more.
Right, let’s get into the products shell we.

In no particular order… She takes care of the shine when my skin decides to release some oils. My favorite currently is the LA Girl Powder in Toffee. I have a lot of powders but this one keeps my makeup as is. It doesn’t take away my highlight or make me darker or cake up …It’s perfect.


My lips never say the same, I might have stared with a red lip and end up with a nude by the end of the day, that’s me. So that is why I have different lips products in my make up bag but it always ends up with a nude. I just recorded lip swatches with the LA Girl lipsticks and can I tell you how much I love these lippies Watch Here!



The bag …It changes from time to time but right now its a Michael Kors bag. I was given this bag by my sister and I carry this makeup bag when my handbag is not so big. Its such a good size and I love the color as well.

The most important …..my concealer. Not a lot of women carry concealers in their makeup bags. Its a life saver..you know when you having a good time and your faces is touched and no amount of powder will cover it. Concealer to the rescue using your fingers your face will be restored.

So I feel like I have covered all the products I hope you had a good peek into my makeup bag …It’s nothing special it just very practical and me!

Until Next Time!