What’s on My Nightstand | Bedtime Essentials


Feeling like I could share what is my bed time routine. Even though it’s not much of a routine I only have two or three things I take to bed with me .This could change from time to time but the system or routine is pretty much the same.


At this point an in bed and ready to work this is the only time I do blog post in draft form. With a green tea in hand I sip as I wright. I honestly don’t have a problem with sleeping so having my gadgets with won’t make me struggle to catch a snooze when my body wants to shut down. Most of the time am looking over raw footage of a video I may just have recorded early on the day or pictures I took.




Judging by the picture you can see I only drink tea ,water not that much I hate waking up in the night to go pee so I’d rather not entertain my bladder .Green tea is God sent right now It’s the only thing I drink .It really helps clam me and decrees the levels of stress.


My sleeping time is judged upon the amount of work I have. In the next few week I will prepare for blog mas so I have doubled my work for now so I can have a bit of down time in December. I know that was off topic but that my boring bedtime rotation …Its not exciting I know but it is what it is currently.


So whats your?