Why I Growing My Natural Hair Again !


I truly cannot believe am writing this blog post. I could be a little embarrassed to say the least .I haven’t truly admitted it to myself .Am still trying to but hair has been a problem in my life. There are some months where I love my hair and some I truly couldn’t care less. I love the feeling of change. I can’t stay with one hair style for months on end. Lucky for me I have the help of genetics .My hair grows very fast and can take a lot at a time.

But in recent months I bleached my hair a golden color it was nice while it lasted but I feel my hair took a hit. It’s much shorter and thinner. So am thinking going natural again just might get my hair healthy again.

Looking back at the pictures my hair was so thick and stronger when it was natural. Lot of people go natural for many different reasons .Mine is to get my hair to grow much faster and be more health. I have nothing against woman and men who chose o relax their hair.

Having natural hair it’s a lot so am thinking to start not adding any chemicals to it now so by the time it is winter it can be in its natural state.

My hair type it 4C and if you have 4c type of hair you will know that its difficult for it to lock in moisturizer. I have been watching my hair gurus YouTube channels with a note pad in hand. Being out of the natural hair gang for a while. I need many tips and products suggestions as possible.


Hopefully I can keep up with the routines and not give up and pull out my cream relaxer.

You too can comment down below and tell me you natural hair care requirement’s  .