Why Most Influences Leave Their Blogs


I kind of understand why most influences leave their blogs and concentrate on YouTube.We generally gravitate to what’s working. I mean I have had three YouTube channels. Looking back I have learned from my mistakes and did things differently the fourth time. 

I love blogging the process behind it .. taking pictures replying too emails it is just a joy. But lately, I have been unsure…I mean my blog is going OK but not as good as my YouTube channel.

I have been very consistent with my YouTube content I just hit 1k subscribers last mouth my goal is achieved for 2019. But at the same breath, I feel I have been neglecting my blog.

My pride and joy.

I am not having a writer’s block If you can see the number of drafts I have sitting there waiting to publish its about 15 drafts. I just don’t have time to manage both platforms. When looking at my YouTube channel its good content I gain about 250-300 views a day of my channel which is good. 

But blog, on the other hand, am lucky if I gain 50 hits on a blog post. It’s crazy.

So I did do a blog post on my content as to where I am and so forth. If you are up to date you can read about it here!

I have never been more nervous about my content than I do now. We are heading into 2020 and for me were getting into my 30’s and am starting a new chapter in my life. It’s a new decade  I have grown a lot and that has brought some uneasiness to my content. My inconsistent has been the main issue I would like to tackle in the New Year.

On the inconsistency topic and its sister procrastination I have spent so many days and nights on the world wide web reading blogs ..Liking IG picture the works but Pinterest is the culprit here.

This has led to me discovering for the past few months I have been seeing a lot of bloggers taking their blogs back and it got me thinking. Are blogs becoming a thing again?

They do say history repeats itself.

Or are they just remembering where they all stared are feeling a bit nostalgic? I wouldn’t know but they have been more blog posts from my big-time bloggers.

I don’t know what to call this blog post…I feel It is so all over the places. I just wanted you guys to get where my head is at. I will be more on the blog then my channel I feel like it is time I built an audience here.

Writing for me is second nature in 2020 I want to be the biggest beauty blogger in South Africa. I will not leave my channel but It won’t be my main platform as it was next year. My channel does not need any more babysitting but my blog dose.

I hope this post makes sense to you …lol thank you for reading