Oily skin can be super frustrating. The oiliness of it is determined by genetics.Have you ever asked yourself “Why is my skin so oily?” or wondered how to get rid of oily skin? Excess oil doesn’t just happen to those with genetically oily skin – virtually anyone can experience breakthrough shine and excess oil throughout the day. If you’re still asking the question “why is my face so oily?” see our list below. If you pinpoint the cause and use the correct products, you can eliminate your oily skin especially your face – as long as you continually manage it.


“Hormonal changes. Teenagers often have oily skin because hormone imbalances upset the oil balance in skin and boost production of the sebaceous glands. After your teens and 20s, pregnancy and the transition into menopause also cause hormone fluctuations that can make your skin oilier.”This is the information you get when you on the net but your problem might not be hormonal.There are some of the reason you have oily skin.

Reasons Why Your Skin is so Oily

So What Are The Causes of Oily Skin? 

  • Physical or emotional stress. When your body or mind is pushed to the limit
  • Genetics. your oily complexion is something you’ve inherited from a parent or grandparent.
  • Seasonal changes. When the weather shifts, so does your skin’s texture. 
  • Some prescription medications. Certain pharmaceuticals, such as birth control pills and hormone replacement therapies, can increase your skin’s oil.

Tips To Curb Your Oily Skin

  • Use a gentle cleanser
  • Avoid over-washing your skin
  • Use a clay mask. 
  • Address your stress. 

Skin is one of the biggest organs and it says a lot about your health when its acting up.Oily skin is a challenge but it usually gets better with age. Until then, only use skin care products and cosmetics specifically formulated for oily skin.You must avoid high-glycemic carbohydrates and manage stress as effectively as you can – and watch your oily skin improve.

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