Yardley Bonnie Mbuli Foundation Review

I could think of all the times that I stood at dis-chem look at the foundation from the Yardley stand. Not one of those foundations made sense to me.

It takes a lot for me to buy into the product and the Yardley hasn’t been one of the makeup brands that stood out for me.

Till in recent weeks when I saw the ad on social media and it sort of made me go Mmmm this might be the foundation I could try. The Bonnie Mbuli collaboration has come with a breath of fresh air to the South African Beauty industry.

Bonnie Mbuil’s makeup line with Yardley is a breakthrough for all the dark-skinned girls. Even though I was very much disappointed that there was only one shade. This makeup range has 17 makeup products. It is the step in the right diction of more representation of us black girls.

The foundation is in the shade Melanin. The undertones of the foundation are warm which worked well for me. With a satin finish which is very refreshing, the most foundation that I have to be trying is super matte. It sits well on that skin.

I did a review on my channel WATCH HERE.

Yardley London Bonnie Complexion Foundation has an SPF 20 but I still do advise you put on sunscreen under your foundation. The coverage is medium to high coverage.

It contains porcelain flower extract and sunlight to keep skin hydrated. Its a perfect for dry skin or combination skin type.

It’s a limited edition so this makeup range will be off our shelves by August 31st.